How to Paint a Chiminea?

How to Paint a Chiminea?

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Whether you’ve had a chiminea for a while and need to spruce it up or you have a clay chiminea and need to seal it you may be wondering How to Paint a Chiminea?

Painting a chiminea is very easy and straightforward as long as you first ensure it is clean and free from any dirt or loose material that may affect the paint adhering to the surface.

How to Paint a Chiminea?

In this article, we’ll cover the main questions people ask when it comes to painting a chiminea.

Can you paint a chiminea?
What paint to use on a clay chiminea?
What do you use to seal a clay chiminea?
How to seal a clay chiminea?
How do you paint a clay chiminea?
What paint to use on a cast iron chiminea?
How to paint a cast iron chiminea?

Can you Paint a Chiminea?

Let’s first look at the main question that comes up, Can you paint a Chiminea?

You can paint a clay chiminea with a sealer to seal it before its first use or with paint to make it look nice and to protect it. You can also paint a cast iron chiminea to freshen it up after it has been used for some time and to protect it.

Over time both clay and cast iron chimineas will start to be affected by the burning process and also the weather. Clay chimineas lose their coating and the paint will fade and flake whilst cast iron chimineas will become tired and rusty.

Painting your chiminea will ensure they not only look nice but also so that they will last longer. In today’s throw-away society, if you can spruce up your chiminea with a little hard work, it will not only save the environment but also save you money at the same time.

What Paint to Use on a Clay Chiminea?

If you’ve got a traditional clay chiminea you’ll probably be asking yourself what paint to use on a clay chiminea?

We spoke with the experts at La Hacienda who state that you should use a heat resistant paint whilst those at Gardeco say “A clay chimenea or fire bowl can be re-painted with ordinary household emulsion paint after removing any loose paint”

We would always recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Each company may use a slightly different mix or type of clay for their chimineas and they will know which type of paint is best. If you are in any doubt over which paint to use on your clay chiminea then stick to a heat-based paint and don’t forget to seal the chiminea with a suitable sealer.

What do you use to Seal a Clay Chiminea?

When sealing a clay chiminea you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions but you can use sealants such as Thompson’s Water Seal and La Hacienda Chimseal . The sealants penetrate deep into the exterior dry porous surface of the chiminea to form a breathable membrane that allows moisture vapour inside the substrate to evaporate whilst protecting against water penetration and damage.

How to Seal a Clay Chiminea?

Sealing a clay chiminea is a fairly simple process as long as you follow the following step-by-step guide.

  1. Empty out all ash and debris from the chiminea
  2. Lightly brush any debris from the outside of the chiminea
  3. Clean the surface of your chiminea with a damp cloth
  4. Apply the sealant to the outside of the chiminea with a rage, sponge or cloth
  5. Make sure the sealant covers the chiminea and is well rubbed in
  6. Allow the sealant to dry before doing a few small burns to cure the chiminea

How do you Paint a Clay Chiminea?

After some time, the appearance of your clay chiminea can become a little tired and you may want to freshen it up a little bit but how do you paint a clay chiminea?

  1. Place the chiminea in a well-ventilated area on some dust sheets or old newspaper
  2. Clean any ash or debris from the chiminea
  3. Use a brush to ensure the surface of the chiminea is clear of loose dust and dirt.
  4. Use sandpaper lightly across the surface of the chiminea
  5. Wipe the surface clean of dust
  6. Using your chosen paint, use a sponge or brush to paint the entire surface of the chiminea
  7. Once dry apply a coat of sealer
  8. Light a series of small fires to cure the chiminea

What Paint to Use on a Cast Iron Chiminea?

To paint a cast iron chiminea use a heat resistant spray paint such as Rust-Oleum stove and BBQ paint. Rust-Oleum comes in several colours although black is the most popular. It retains its colour and finish up to 650°C and is perfect for all types of metal chimineas.

How to Paint a Cast Iron Chiminea?

Painting a cast iron chiminea is a fairly easy task so long as you follow a variety of steps. If your cast iron chiminea is particularly rusty then it may be best to read our How to Get Rust Off a Cast Iron Chiminea article. You’ll find all the information you could want.

However, below is a brief step-by-step guide on how to paint a cast iron chiminea.

  1. Place your cast iron chiminea in a well-ventilated area on dust sheets or old newspaper
  2. Remove any ash and debris from the fire box
  3. Use a wire brush and sandpaper to remove any remnants of paint or rust
  4. Lightly wash the chiminea to remove any dust and loose particles
  5. Using the spray paint, hold the can about 1ft away from the chiminea
  6. Spray the chiminea using a back and forth motion making sure you overlap each time
  7. Apply light coats to make sure the paint doesn’t run
  8. Leave to dry and add a second coat if required
  9. Leave to dry for 24 hours before lighting


Whether you have a cast iron chiminea or a clay chiminea, looking after it is very important if you want it to last.

Cast iron chimineas will easily rust if left uncovered, outside and clay chimineas will simply crack and break. Both of these will leave your chiminea not only looking terrible but may also be a safety concern.

Taking the time to seal a clay chiminea and protect it from the elements may just stop it from cracking. Likewise covering a cast iron chiminea and painting it once every so often will keep it looking good for many years to come.

If you haven’t bought a chiminea yet you can always take a look at our fantastic range of cast iron chimineas and clay chimineas in our shop. Don’t forget to check out our other useful articles including How to Repair a Clay Chiminea.