5 Best Small Chimineas

5 Best Small Chimineas

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If you’ve got a small courtyard, patio or garden but still want to make good use of it when the sun goes down that a small chiminea could be for you.

Small chimineas are shorter in stature than larger models with a dumpier or squat appearance. The chimney portion is usually shorter than normal but the fire bowl is still of a good size to provide ample heat.

To help you we’ve created this handy review to look at our favourite 5 best small chimineas.

There are a number of small chimineas on the market, but what do you need to look out for when you’re looking for a small chiminea?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Small Chimineas

Now the main benefit of a small chiminea is its size! If you have a small garden or patio, the last thing you want is something that either gives off too much heat or just looks ridiculously large.

Small chimineas offer the best of both worlds for smaller gardens, they look proportionate and also won’t leave you and your guests sweating buckets.

They are also great because you can easily move them around your garden or put them away in a shed for the winter to protect them.

Small chimineas are also good for those who have never owned a chiminea before. Like all things in life, there are lots of people who have bought a chiminea, used it once and then never used it again as they didn’t get on with it.

They are also often much cheaper than larger ones so they’re a great purchase for first-timers.

The main drawback of smaller chimineas is that they clearly don’t give off as much heat and are less versatile.

Although they’ll look great and should take the chill off, they won’t be really hot and you certainly won’t have enough space to cook on them as you do with larger versions.

What to Look for in Small Chimineas

As we’ve said previously if you’re specifically looking for a small chiminea then it’s usually because you’re trying to heat a smaller space.

Whether it’s a small garden, patio or courtyard that you’re trying to heat, you’ll still want to get a reasonable amount of heat out of it. Obviously, you don’t want to be baking hot, but on the other hand, you also don’t want to feel cold.

The main thing to consider when looking at buying a small chiminea is of course the size however we’d also recommend you consider the material it’s made from.

1) The Chiminea Size

When you’re looking for a small chiminea you make sure you look at the measurements. In our opinion, a small chiminea should be somewhere under 75cm tall and have a belly diameter of less than 45cm.

Anything larger than this and it will look huge in your garden especially if you have a relatively small area to heat and will look really disproportionate.

2) Chiminea Material

Chimineas are generally made from a number of different materials, clay, steel or cast iron and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks

Starting off with clay chimineas, they are often more decorative and are normally hand-painted which makes them look much better than other types. They come in a variety of different colour and designs which will suit a whole range of different gardens.

Although clay chimineas look nice they do have some drawbacks. Firstly they are more prone to damage caused by them getting wet and also from frost. For this reason, they need to be covered and put away when not in use.

Secondly, clay chimineas cannot burn as hot as metal varieties as they are prone to cracking under high heat.

Metal chimineas are usually made from steel, cast iron or a mixture of the two with many having cast iron legs and steel bodies.

One of the best things about small cast iron and small steel chimineas is that they produce more heat than clay versions. This means although your chiminea is small it should still produce enough heat for you on those colder summer evenings..

If you do chose a small clay chiminea please make sure you cure it properly to prevent your chiminea from cracking. There are many reviews of clay chimineas saying how they’ve cracked after only a few uses. If you fail to cure yours properly it will crack.

You can read more about the differences between clay and metal chimineas in our Cast Iron Chiminea or Clay Which is Better? article.

If you’re not sure which type of chiminea to get then keep reading. To help you choose the perfect small chiminea for your garden, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best small chimineas in stock today and don’t forget to check out our 7 Best Large Chimineas article if you want something a little bigger.

5 Best Small Chimineas

Below we’ve listed our chosen 5 best small chimineas in stock today, followed by the full details of each of the chimineas. You’ll notice that La Hacienda Chimineas feature heavily in this article and that’s because they are one of the companies that produce some of the best small chimineas on the market today.

1) La Hacienda Panama Small Steel and Cast Iron Chiminea
2) La Hacienda Companero Orange Small Clay Chiminea
3) La Hacienda Squat Small Steel Chiminea
4) La Hacienda Blue Swirl Small Clay Chiminea
5) La Hacienda Clifton Small Steel Chiminea

1) La Hacienda Panama Steel and Cast Iron Small Chiminea

La Hacienda Panama Steel and Cast Iron Small Chiminea

The La Hacienda Panama is a small steel and cast iron chimenea that is the perfect choice for smaller gardens, patios, and outside spaces.

The legs are made from cast iron whilst the body is made from steel. This makes the Panama both light yet stable.

Traditionally styled with a pewter effect finish, Panama is one of the most popular small chimineas currently available and benefits from some great reviews. Just remember however that it is made from both cast iron and steel.

This chimenea isn’t just good-looking, it’s also a functional patio heater. Featuring a protective mesh door, rain lid and metal tool you’ll simply love this chimenea.

Main Specifications

Material: Cast Iron and Steel
Colour: Pewter effect
Product Size: 36cm Wide x 71cm High
Product Weight: 7.2kg

Main features

  • Traditional looking chiminea
  • Cast Iron legs for stability
  • Comes with lid and mesh door
Current Price

2) La Hacienda Companero Orange Small Clay Chiminea

La Hacienda Companero Orange Small Clay Chimenea

If you’re looking for a focal point for your garden then the Companero clay chiminea could be the one for you.

This lovely chimenea not only looks good but also produces a good flame and heat for smaller areas. Remember that clay chimineas are not meant to be roaring fires.

If you’re looking to heat a larger area, you’ll need to either buy a large chiminea or go for a metal one.

Handcrafted from clay using traditional methods and materials, the Companero has a large compartment for the fuel and a thick cylindrical chimney.

With wood burning brightly, the delightful rustically decorated clay will be enhanced by light and movement as the chimenea warms the evening air.

One thing you need to make sure you do with all clay chimineas is to make sure that you cure them prior to using them properly. You can find out more about how to do that in our How to cure a chiminea? article.

Main Specifications

Material: Clay
Colour: Orange/Yellow
Product Size: 30cm Wide x 69cm High
Product Weight: 11.24kg

Main features

  • Traditional clay chiminea
  • Hand decorated
  • Comes with rain lid and stand
Current Price

3) La Hacienda Squat Small Steel Chiminea

La Hacienda Squat Small Steel Chiminea

The squat small steel chiminea from La Hacienda is another great little patio heater.

With its pewter finish, this lovely chiminea is great for smaller spaces offering a reasonable amount of heat output and providing the perfect focal point.

Simple, stylish and functional, the steel body is durable and light meaning that you can move it easily from one spot to another.

The chiminea comes complete with a rain lid, tool and a mesh safety guard to prevent embers from falling or spitting out.

The squat chiminea is perfect for adding some cosy warmth to your garden on those colder summer evenings.

Main Specifications

Material: Steel
Colour: Antique Pewter Finish
Product Size: 38cm Wide x 68cm High
Product Weight: 15kg

Main features

  • Pewter finish
  • Duarable steel construction
  • Small and very portable
Current Price

4) La Hacienda Blue Swirl Small Clay Chiminea

La Hacienda Blue Swirl Small Clay Chiminea

This beautiful hand-crafted chiminea will be the focal point of any patio, garden or courtyard.

Traditionally painted in a blue and red swirl design this small clay chiminea has the looks of a piece of art with the functional benefits of being a great patio heater.

Placed on a steel stand with fire filling its belly, the chimenea gives off a fairly decent heat for its size. Just be aware that with all clay chimineas you risk cracking and damaging it if you have the heat too high.

Small chimineas such as this are great for giving off a nice gentle heat, they are not meant to be roaring infernos!

Main Specifications

Material: Clay
Colour: Sea Blue and Red
Product Size: 30cm Wide x 68cm High
Product Weight: 9.5kg

Main features

  • Traditional Mexican Chiminea
  • Attractive hand painted design
  • Comes with stand and rain lid
Current Price

5) La Hacienda Clifton Small Steel Chiminea

La Hacienda Clifton Small Steel Chiminea

The La Hacienda Clifton small steel chimenea will add a touch of class and of course warmth to any garden or outside space.

Ideal for smaller sized gatherings, the Clifton is perfect evening entertaining.

The steel construction not only makes this chiminea light but also allows it to reach higher temperatures than its clay counterparts. This means that although it’s small on size, it’s big on heat.

With a wide opening you’ve plenty of room for refuelling and it even comes complete with a tool, lid and mesh door.

Main Specifications

Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Product Size: 38cm Wide x 68cm High
Product Weight: 7kg

Main features

  • Attractive Stylish Design
  • Durable steel
  • Comes with lid and mesh door
Current Price

Don’t forget that you can check out our full range of cast iron chimineas, clay chimineas and steel chimineas in our online shop.