Cast Iron Chimineas

Cast Iron Chimeneas

Enjoy more time when the sun goes down with one of our warm and stylish Cast Iron Chimineas. Whether you have a garden, deck, or patio these sturdy heaters will keep you warm long into the night.

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Whether you’re looking for something to keep you warm or an alternative to a fire pit or traditional BBQ a cast Iron chiminea is a perfect choice. Not only do they provide a great deal of warmth but they also look great too with a variety of fantastic designs available.

Chimeneas were initially used for both heating and cooking and were used both inside and outdoors. Made from two separate parts, a large fire bowl sits at the bottom with a narrow chimney on top to take the smoke away.

Although they were originally made from clay or terracotta, nowadays chimineas are made from a variety of materials including cast iron. Cast iron varieties tend to be much more popular with those wanting to add a touch of style to their garden, patio, or outside space.

Cast iron chimeneas are a great alternative to more traditional clay chimineas that have been used in Mexico since the 1600s. They are more durable, last longer when maintained and provide much more heat.

One of the best things about models made from cast iron is that they are much easier to maintain. If your chiminea gets rusty, you can simply give them a simple rub down with a wire brush and a coat of fireproof paint and your chiminea will look like new.

Choose from our fantastic range of chimineas. Durable and sturdy, they are the perfect addition to any garden.