Log Barn Chiminea Review

Log Barn Chiminea Review

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Just before Christmas, we thought that we would treat ourselves to a new chiminea for our garden and we picked the Log Barn chiminea.

Why The Log Barn Chiminea?

We chose the Log Barn chiminea mainly for its size but also for its stylish design.

It’s a nice large chiminea that is great for larger gatherings with family and friends. There’s plenty of space inside for lots of wood to get the fire roaring and it’s large enough to not only keep you warm but also provide a great focal point.

Why The Log Barn Chiminea?

One of the best design features of the chiminea is the fact it has the name laser cut into the flue pipe. When the fire is lit and roaring you can see the name glowing with the light of the flames which, to be honest, does look pretty fantastic.

Log Barn Chiminea Specifics

The Log Barn chiminea is a large black steel chiminea that’s perfect for larger gardens and patio areas.

It’s a nice large chiminea with a large belly and opening so it’s perfect for large pieces of hardwood that you may have lying around. It stands at approximately 118 cm tall from the floor to the top of the flue and the height to the top of the belly is 83cm so as you can see it’s fairly large.

The log barn chiminea is well proportioned with its cylindrical belly being 43cm wide meaning you have plenty of space for your logs meaning you are not constantly refueling.

How to Put the Log Barn Chiminea Together

As many chimineas are delivered by post, the size of chimineas often means that they do not come fully assembled and you need to follow a few basic steps before you are ready to go.

Luckily the Log Barn chiminea is very easy to put together and comes in several sections. Firstly there is the belly section, then the flue and top part of the body, and finally the legs.

When you get your Log Barn chiminea it will be nicely packed and wrapped to keep it safe during delivery. When you’ve opened the box you’ll find the legs and associated bolts. Simply turn the chiminea over and bolt the legs to the body.

How to Put the Log Barn Chiminea Together

Once the legs are on you’ll have a nice and stable body. Turn the chiminea onto its legs and the top section with the flue simply slots onto the top of the belly and you are done.

Do I Have to Season or Cure the Chiminea?

Like all chimineas, we would always recommend that you take steps to season or “Cure” them and this is no different with the Log Barn chiminea.

To find out more, take a look at our How to cure a chiminea? article.

How to Season Log Barn Chiminea

To season our Log Barn chiminea we started off by adding some sand to the bottom of the belly. The sand prevents the base of the chiminea bowl from being damaged by the high heat and also provides a good base for your fire.

Next, we started off by lighting a fire with just scrunched-up pieces of paper. Once this had gone out we lit another fire with a small amount of kindling and then again let it go out and completely cool.

Do I have to season the log barn chiminea

We followed the same process 2 more times adding more wood on each occasion. This Curing process helps to ensure that your chiminea is slowly exposed to higher temperatures and not just given a massive shock when you go from brand new to boiling hot.

Once we’d finished this process our Log Barn chiminea was ready to go!

What we Like about the Log Barn Chiminea

There are a couple of things we love about the Log Barn Chiminea.

The Size

The Log Barn chiminea is a really good-sized piece of kit. Not only is the overall size good for family gatherings but the opening is huge which allows you to use some bigger pieces of wood you may not otherwise use.

We’ve got log burners in the house, chimineas, and a fire pit or two and we always find that we are left with a few large pieces of wood that just don’t fit anywhere else without having to chop them.

The great thing about the Log Barn chiminea is that you can stick large pieces of wood inside when it’s alight and it will handle them with ease.

We also love the amount of heat the chiminea produces. The large the opening and belly the larger the fire and we’ve had this one up to a lovely temperature.

The Design

It’s sleek, it’s stylish, and looks good in any grade. The design of this fantastic chiminea makes a great focal point and the laser-cut lettering on the flue lights up in the dark when the chiminea is alight.

We love the look of this chiminea and it takes pride of place on our patio.

What we Don’t Like about the Log Barn Chiminea

Not Much!! There really is nothing we don’t like about the log barn chiminea.

What Else to Buy?

One thing that we always recommend is a good quality chiminea cover to ensure that yours lasts a long time.

When we bought our Log Barn chiminea we bought a cover for it at the same time. We bought the Dokon Chimenea Cover from Amazon.

It’s waterproof, windproof, anti-UV, and is made from heavy-duty rip-proof 600D Oxford Fabric.

The cover fits perfectly and is a great product to ensure the chiminea will last a long time.


We bought the Log Barn chiminea to test and we absolutely love it. We can’t recommend it enough if you want a nice and stylish chiminea that’s large enough to deal with family get together and parties with friends.

If you want to get yourself a good-quality chiminea then take a look at the Log Barn Chiminea.