Where to Buy Chimineas Near Me

Chimineas Near Me

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One thing we noticed during the last year was that chimineas, fire pits, and other patio heaters, had a distinct lack of availability in local stores nearby.

If you’ve been searching for chimineas near me on Google but have failed to find the right one for you then look no further.

Where to Buy Chimineas Near Me

There are plenty of shops where you can buy a chiminea locally however there are a number of drawbacks. Let’s first look at retailers that often stock chimeneas and then we can tell you about some of the problems you may encounter.

Aldi Chimeneas

Aldi chimeneas are supplied by Gardenline. They are normally made from steel and come in either a round or pyramid modern style. Although Aldi chimeneas are often cheap, the availability is very short and you’ll be lucky to find one in stock. Quite often within days of them going on sale in-store, they sell out.

Argos Chimineas

Argos normally stock a small selection of La Hacienda Chimeneas. The selection is limited but they do often have stock in stores although again during high season the items are often out of stock. If you prefer to get the items delivered (as they are heavy) you’ll often find a delivery charge applies.

Lidl Chimineas

Similar to Aldi, if you manage to find a chiminea in stock at Lidl, count yourself very lucky. They have in the past sold La Hacienda Clay Chimeneas but their stock is very often limited and so many stores either have very little or sometimes none at all.

Tesco, Asda and Morrisons Chimineas

Tesco, Asda, and Morrisons all stock chimineas during the summer months but as soon as summer ends, the stock of chimineas will disappear. They often stock La Hacienda cast iron or steel chimineas and are available to pick up in-store. Although availability is very good, the period they are in stock is quite short so don’t bother trying to get one once summer has passed.

B&Q Chimineas

B&Q is similar to Argos in that you can often find chimineas in stock from companies such as La Hacienda and Blooma. Unfortunately during 2020 and 2021, due to the COVID crisis stock was almost non-existent. Stock is now a little better but the range is very limited.

Homebase Chimineas

Homebase is one of the stores that offer the largest range of chimineas for sale. Most again come from La Hacienda however something we’ve noticed is the number that is available in store. At the moment they are very few available in our local store and many are not even available online. Those that can be bought, often have a 14 day delivery time also.

The Range Chimeneas

The Range offer a large variety of chimeneas from Gardeco and La Hacienda. With stores up and down the country, you can often find some chimineas in stock. They also supply direct online as well although availability at certain times of the year can be quite limited.

Chimineas Near me or Buy Online?

This is a question that you need to ask yourself. Do you want to buy a chiminea near to where you live or should you just buy one online?

Why Buy a Chiminea from a Shop Nearby?

The main reason for buying nearby is that you can look at the chiminea, feel it and of course touch it. Some people also prefer to shop at nearby shops and don’t like looking at, or ordering items online.

Why Buy a Chiminea Online?

The fact that you are reading this article means that you’re happy to look and read about stuff online so what are the benefits of buying a chiminea online?

The main benefit of ordering a chiminea online is that the range is much larger. Online retailers often have much more stock available. The items can sometimes, but not always be cheaper. Many suppliers also do not always charge a delivery fee and of course, it gets delivered right to your door without you having to carry it and transport it from the shop.

If you’ve read this article and would like to buy a chiminea now without travelling, head on over to our shop where you can see a full range of Steel Chimineas, Cast Iron Chimineas, and Clay Chimineas.