Which is right chiminea or chimenea?

Which is right Chiminea or Chimenea?

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Which is right Chiminea or Chimenea?

You may have seen them spelled as Chiminea and Chimenea but have you ever wondered which one is right?

Chiminea and Chimenea are both correct spellings and can be used in the English language. The dictionary definition according to the Collins dictionary is: A free-standing outdoor fireplace with a rounded body. The Cambridge English Dictionary definition is: A hollow structure for holding a fire outside, usually made of clay or metal, with a narrow top where smoke can escape.

Where does the word Chiminea/Chimenea come from?

The word chimenea also spelled chiminea comes from Spanish with the definition meaning Fireplace or Chimney. This comes from their original use as both an indoor and outdoor heating and cooking device.

They are thought to originate from Mexico in the 17th century around 400 to 500 years ago. Although chimineas are now the perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space, they were once a necessity and served a domestic purpose being used to keep people warm and to cook food.

Traditional chimeneas are made from clay or terracotta whereas nowadays they can also be made from steel and cast iron.

How do you pronounce chiminea or chimenea?

Whether you’re spelling it Chiminea or Chimenea, the pronunciation is exactly the same. To break it down a little you just need to separate the words into smaller parts like this chi-me-ne-a.