Aldi Chimineas and Fantastic Alternatives

Aldi Chimineas and Fantastic Alternatives

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Aldi Chimineas are great but they sell out quickly so we’ve put together a number of fantastic alternatives for you to choose from.

If there’s one thing that never surprises us it’s how popular Aldi products are especially garden items like chimineas but there’s one major problem. Aldi only has limited stock on many of their garden items which means that not only do chimineas from Aldi sell really quickly but once they’re gone they’re gone.

Aldi is great at stocking a number of fantastic garden items but many of them are seasonal. This means that you’ll find loads of garden benches, tools, fire pits, and chimineas at Aldi during the summer but considerably less during the winter months.

So whether you’ve started your search a little late and missed the boat or are searching at the wrong time of the year, you could find that searching Google for Chiminea Aldi or Aldi Chimineas could leave you little or no results whatsoever.

Latest Aldi Chimineas

The latest range of chimineas from Aldi included the Gardenline Round Steel Chimenea that was available in April 2020 and the Gardenline Square Steel Chimenea which was available in 2019.

These stylish looking modern chimineas were available for only £49.99 but they sold out very, very quickly. The other problem is that some customers gave very mixed reviews of the Aldi chimineas which is rather disappointing. You can see the chiminea and reviews here.

Aldi Gardenline Round Steel Chimenea

The Aldi Gardenline Round Steel Chimenea is approximately 150cm tall and 36cm in diameter. It’s made out of durable steel and looks very stylish and modern. Finished in a matt black paint, this lovely chiminea features a wide mouth meaning that’s perfect for larger fires.

Aldi Gardenline Square Steel Chimenea

Aldi’s square chiminea is the same size as the round but is more angular. This beautiful black chiminea is the best way to add a touch of contemporary style to your garden.

Aldi Chiminea Alternatives

Although our range of alternative chimineas are a little more expensive than the Aldi ones there are three distinct advantages.

Firstly, they are in stock all year round and so whether you’re buying your chiminea in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter your sure to find them in stock.

Secondly, they very rarely sell out, and even if they do, you’ll only have to wait a short period of time before you can order one. Unlike Aldi chimineas which sell out for good.

Finally, as in most walks of life, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Aldi chimineas are cheap. Now for those who are looking to use their chiminea once in a while, they are perfect but if you’re looking for a chiminea you can use year after year, spending a little more may save you time effort, and money in the long run.

Below we’ve listed a couple of our favorite Aldi Chiminea alternatives for you to choose from.

GardenMaxx Vilos Chiminea

Priced at £184.95 the GardenMaxx Vilos Chiminea is a stylish and contemporary designed modern chiminea that is made from raw hand welded heavy gauge steel. Its solid construction promotes longevity and durability whilst its sleek black finish will make it look good in any garden or on any patio.

La Hacienda Colorado Steel Chimenea

for £118.95 you could be the proud owner of the sleek and stylish Colorado chiminea from La Hacienda. Designed and introduced with a modern and stylish twist it provides warmth and a soothing light from the flames of a real wood fire. A fantastic addition to any home this lovely chiminea is the perfect alternative from some of the Aldi models.

MaxxGarden Heracles Chiminea

The Maxxgarden Heracles is not only a stylish looking chiminea but also a practical one. Priced at just £149.99 this lovely looking chiminea has a large opening and a handy storage area for all of your logs to save on space.

Whether you’re planning to buy a chiminea now, or later you really need to think about if buying one from Aldi is the right choice. Timing is key and if you have time to wait and are able to dedicate your time to it then you may pick up a good chiminea at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, many people want to buy an Aldi chiminea but just can’t because they either miss the launch or the stores simply run out before they have the chance to pick one up.

We hope you’ve found our article useful and if you want to look at any other chimineas on offer, please take a look at our shop.