7 Best Large Chimineas

7 Best Large Chimineas

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Chimineas have always been a popular way to keep warm when entertaining friends and families but if you want one for larger groups or that will produce a lot of heat then you’ll need to get yourself a large or extra-large chiminea.

To help you we’ve created this handy review to look at our favourite 7 best large chimineas.

Finding a large chiminea can be a little difficult as many companies promote their chimineas as being large or extra-large when they really aren’t that big. But what do you need to look out for when you’re looking for a large or extra-large chiminea?

What to Look for in a Large or Extra Large Chiminea

If you’re looking for a larger chiminea then you’re probably looking to heat a larger area or more people. Bearing this in mind there are two things that we suggest you look for when you’re searching for a large or extra-large chiminea.

Firstly the chimineas’ size and secondly the material the chiminea is made from.

1) The Chiminea Size

Although many chimineas names suggest they are large or extra-large you’ll actually find that many are not quite as described.

When you’re looking for a large chiminea you ideally want to buy one that is large in size and not just name. The larger the chiminea generally the larger amount of heat it will provide as it will hold a larger amount of fuel.

When looking at dimensions don’t focus too much on height but look more closely at the circumference and size of the bowl/belly part of the chiminea. The height will certainly help take the smoke away but the larger the belly of the chiminea the larger the fire that can burn within.

We’d always say that for a larger chiminea you want to have a belly that is at least 45cm or more.

2) The Material

Now you may think that surely if you have a large chiminea then it doesn’t matter what material it is made from.

Well if you are planning to have a large chiminea because you want more heat then you really should be looking at the type of chiminea that can give out more heat.

Large and extra-large chimineas will more than likely be made from cast iron or steel. This is because metal can handle higher temperatures much better than clay which can easily crack when exposed to large amounts of heat.

Looking for a smaller chiminea? then take a look at our 5 Best Small Chimineas article.

If you’re not sure which type of chiminea to get then keep reading. To help you choose the perfect bigger chiminea for your garden, we’ve put together a list of 7 of the best large chimineas we could find.

7 Best Large Chimineas

Below we’ve listed our chosen 7 best large chimineas, followed by the full details of each of the chimineas.

1) La Hacienda Cuba Cast Iron
2) Log-Barn Chiminea
3) Dellonda Deluxe 360 degree Chiminea
4) Dellonda Square Chimenea
5) La Hacienda Colorado Large Chiminea
6) La Hacienda Monterrey
7) La Hacienda XL Murcia

1) La Hacienda Cuba Cast Iron

La Hacienda Cuba Large Chiminea

The La Hacienda Cuba large chiminea has been around for some time now and is one of the best-selling chimineas.

A traditional chiminea yet with modern styled touches, La Haciendas Cuba is large enough to cope with many different sized gardens and patios.

Constructed from a mix of cast iron and steel, this lovely chiminea has an added powder coating to help protect it from the elements.

The chiminea even includes a hand tool and rain lid and also features a mesh door to prevent embers from escaping.

One difference to many others on the market is the secondary door which allows easy access to spend fuel and ash which means it’s much easier to clean.

Main Specifications

Material: Cast Iron and Steel
Colour: Black/Pewter
Product Size: 50cm Wide x 112cm High
Product Weight: 20kg

Main features

  • Lovely Looking Finish
  • Large Chiminea
  • Secondary Opening to help Cleaning
  • Well Made from Cast Iron and Steel
Current Price

2) Log Barn Chiminea

Log Barn Chiminea

Although the Log Barn chiminea is slightly narrower than many others the size of the belly in height and the width of the opening is such that you really can get a fair amount of fuel in it.

Having a larger opening and a bigger belly means that you can fit more fuel in and therefore with the right fuel it will burn hotter and be able to warm a larger area.

The stylish design looks great in any garden and once lit provides a great focal point for any garden party or get together,

Made from Steel the chiminea is light allowing you to easily move it around your garden or put it into storage when not in use.

One thing you need to make sure you do is to cure this chiminea before you light it up properly. You can find out more about how to do that in our How to cure a chiminea? article. This is very important as with many steel chimineas, failure to cure it properly can lead to the paint flaking!

Main Specifications

Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Product Size: 43cm Wide x 118cm High
Product Weight: 6.1kg

Main features

  • Stylish Looks
  • Very Light
  • Large Opening
  • Large Space for Fuel
Current Price

3) Dellonda Deluxe 360° Chiminea

Dellonda Deluxe 360 Chiminea

The Dellonda Deluxe chiminea offers not only a 360-degree heat source but also a 360-degree view of the fire which is unlike many other chimineas.

One of the best things about a chiminea or fire pit is being able to see the flames flickering away. It’s not just about the heat they provide but also the ambiance and the Dellonda 360 Deluxe provides bucket loads of ambiance!

Its safety mesh screen prevents any sparks from flying whilst the antique bronze finish provides the perfect focal point for any patio.

The large belly of the chiminea offers plenty of space for whichever fuel you decide to use and because it’s made from durable steel, you can use coal, logs or even untreated timber to keep you warm in the evenings.

Painted with long-lasting fire-resistant paint, your chiminea will stay looking good for a long time.

Main Specifications

Material: Alloy Steel
Colour: Antique Bronze Finish
Product Size: 56cm Wide x 141cm High
Product Weight: 21.9kg

Main features

  • Stylish Looks
  • Large Belly Fire Area
  • Antique Finish
  • 360 Degree Heat
  • Large Opening with Door
Current Price

4) Dellonda Square Chimenea

Dellonda Square Chiminea

The Dellonda square chiminea is unlike any other one we’ve featured in our top 7.

This stylish and contemporary-looking chiminea comes in two distinct finishes. Firstly there’s a matt black steel version and secondly, you can also get a chiminea finished in corten steel.

If you’re thinking that two different finishes are the only unique thing about this chiminea then you’d be wrong. It also comes in two different designs, one just as a normal chiminea and the second that comes with a handy log storage area underneath.

Other great benefits of this Dellonda chiminea are that it’s made from durable steel, so although it can handle a lot of heat, it can also be easily moved from one place in your garden to another.

As with many other metal chimineas, this one can utilise a number of different fuels, including coal, logs, and charcoal. The large opening and belly of the chiminea also mean it can hold a larger amount of fuel than many smaller versions allowing you to heat larger spaces and more people.

Main Specifications

Material: Steel
Colour: Black or Corten
Product Size: 45cm Wide x 150cm High
Product Weight: 20kg

Main features

  • Contemporary Looks
  • Easy to Move
  • Two Finishes
  • Two Styles
  • Large Opening
Current Price

5) La Hacienda Colorado Large Chiminea

La Hacienda Colorado

La Hacienda Mesh Colorado comes in a variety of sizes but it’s the extra-large version that we’re concentrating on in this review.

Stylish and functional the La Hacienda Colorado provides both warmth and a focal point for your garden. There is nothing better than watching the flames of a real wood fire whilst enjoying the evening with family and friends.

The Colorado chiminea is a 360-degree chiminea where you can not only feel the warmth but also see the flames from all around. A built-in spit screen will help to promote safety and prevent embers from spitting out.

The large belly and opening of the chiminea allow you to fill it with a large amount of fuel and as we all know the larger the amount of fuel the more people you can warm.

Main Specifications

Material: Alloy Steel
Colour: Black and silver
Product Size: 60cm Wide x 160cm High
Product Weight: 18.3kg

Main features

  • Attractive Stylish Design
  • Designed to Provide Lots of Heat
  • 360-degree View of the Fire
  • Great Centrepiece
  • Spit Screen for Safety
Current Price

6) La Hacienda Monterrey

La Hacienda Monterrey Large Chiminea

The Monterrey by La Hacienda is a very traditional-looking chiminea and can provide the perfect focal point for any garden.

The main body of the chiminea is made from steel and the legs from cast iron which means that it’s both durable and light.

One of the larger models in this style, the Monterrey has a large belly which means it will hold more fuel and can provide warmth for more people and larger spaces.

Including a steel log grate, mesh door, safety tool, and rain lid ensure that you’ll have everything you need to warm yourself safely apart from the fuel!

Main Specifications

Material: Steel and Cast Iron
Colour: Black
Product Size: 50cm Wide x 123cm High
Product Weight: 14kg

Main features

  • Traditional Looks
  • Hardwearing Legs
  • Large Belly
  • Comes with Accessories
Current Price

7) La Hacienda Murcia Extra Large Chiminea

La Hacienda Murcia Extra Large Chiminea

La Hacienda Murcia extra large Chiminea combines the old with the new. This stylish chiminea mixes a traditional-looking body with more modern-looking legs to provide the perfect outdoor patio heater for any garden space.

This extra large steel chiminea from La Hacienda provides both warmth and a fantastic focal point for your patio or garden, even when it is not lit.

The Murcia is constructed from durable steel and has a high temperature-resistant black paint finish.

Its large body offers plenty of space for whichever fuel you decide to use and its extra large size means you can keep a larger number of people warm.

This versatile chimenea also includes a chrome-plated cooking grill that allows you to cook barbeque-style food all year round.

Main Specifications

Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Product Size: 48cm Wide x 136cm High
Product Weight: 20kg

Main features

  • Steel ChimInea with Removable Chrome Plated Grill
  • Finished in Black Heat Resistant Paint
  • Use as BBQ or patio heater
  • Comes with BBQ Grill, Rain Lid and Poker
  • Extra Large to Provide lots of Heat
Current Price

Don’t forget that you can check out our full range of cast iron chimineas, clay chimineas and steel chimineas in our online shop.